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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Duran DurFAN

So Saturday night, my friend Julie from Alabama (who was visiting) and my good pal Livia from Livialand went to see the Shark Show (sadly a comedy show, not a show performed by actual sharks...though it was funny) and afterward we were hanging out at the bar. Now this bar is three stories, bathrooms on the bottom floor, restaurant and bar on the ground floor and the comedy club upstairs and small party room / bar upstairs. So we are hanging on the ground floor at the bar, I go down to the bathroom...this girl comes out and says "You must be here fro the Duran Duran party too!"

While I was wearing a ripped, off the shoulder sweatshirt ala flashdance, I was not there for the Duran Duran party. So I said sorry, not me, but what are you talking about.

"We are all part of the Duran message board and we are all here having a party and meeting in person for the 1st time! Some people have been on the board for years, talking, being really great friends, but have never met face to face and now we are!"


apparently they were all upstairs in the private room. Women and a few men, from all over congregating via the Duran Duran loveway at this bar at this moment! I LOVE SHIT LIKE THIS! I really do.

This girl talked to us for 20 minutes about how much fun this was. There were women in full prom dresses from the 80's, some young, some old, some disabled...all rocking to the Duran.

JORDI! Where were you! Jordi is a huge Duran Duran fan. You would have loved this.

Not much to this post, except I sometimes love people more than I hate them.


At 7:27 PM, Anonymous stuporfly said...

Imagine my shame when I realized that I was probably at this party.

January 2006? Lots of dorky Duran Duran fans?

If you saw a tall guy who'd been drinking enough to be wearing a black feather boa, it was I.

The shame...The shame...


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