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Saturday, January 07, 2006

So Excited! So Sick!

Just reading about Biz waiting to leave work to embark on a sketch weekend with people you can't wait to see made me feel giddy - it's a feeling I look forward to around four or five times a year, and since making friends in the Sketch Community - I feel like I've filled a missing piece in my life. It's corny as hell, but so true.

I can't wait for Thursday when our group (The 3rd Floor) leaves for beautiful & sexy Chicago. I just hope that this 16th century flu I have goes away. Seriously - it's day three or four and it's not budging. We've been having rehearsals at our place (hi Ted) and I'm hoping that I haven't infected the rest of the cast. Tomorrow I'll wear a hazmat suit.

But for now...I'l tell you what just made me cry. I'm at home nursing this plague. Ted went out for various birthday & catching up fun times, and I'm feeling cozy and content with dog, Typhoon. I still can't really breathe and my head is pounding, but I can fall in and out of sleep without an alarm or something I have to do staring at me. All is fine except the illing.

I was flipping channels and stopped on cable access where an elementary school production of "The Wizard of Oz" was just in the thick of Dorothy having to say goodbye to her friends. I immediately started bawling. I cried as she said "I'll miss you most of all" to Scarecrow (not Batman's nemesis Scarecrow) and I cried all through the curtain calls - but what made Typhoon not take it anymore and leave the room was when the whole cast sang "Over The Rainbow" and signed it for the deaf.

Then I searched for the blue Tylenol flu concoction to see when I could take another dose....went on a site dedicated to hating Rachael Ray (the 30 Minute Meal queen...I can't decide whether I mildly like her or severely hate her. I seriously can't decide). Then I came here.

And right now it's 11:00 in Chicago!


On the other stages TRIPLETTE is going to rock their house (hopefully with their brilliant Trix sketch among others) and KARLA (the Kevin Chesley of TROOP! fame's directed show) will rock theirs.

Three minutes to go and all the stages are going to be hit with some seriously fantastic troupes.

Hold on Chicago.
NOW IT'S 8:00!
Go get 'em Tigers.


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