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Friday, January 06, 2006

Chicago Sketchfest...hangover #1

It's 9:30 am in is my way, I can't sleep late and I am up while the other ladies slumber.

I went to bed less than 5 hours ago.

Livia, Reggan and myself landed around 8:30pm and headed off to the rental car area to grab the car and get on the road to try and squeeze in at least one show at Chicago Sketchfest....Animal Club. Thanks to me flaking out on who I rented from...I'll give you two hints, 1. It was NOT Budget. 2. It was the totaly ghetto branch of Dollar.....and then being given (after 20 minutes) the wrong directions, we made it to theatre at 10:30. sigh. We missed the show. BOOOOOOO!

But Walked right in and saw Brian, Jill and Mandi and got all pumped to be there and had our "sketchfest giddieness verified."

We fournd Mike from AC, and instead of being smart little MEATballs, went out for beers....and karaoke. DUH!

As always, the Joey's Thursday night karaoke, fest kick off was great. I had the "god, i know that person...they are in a sketch group (good guess Biz), WHO ARE THEY!?" moment most of the night. I met a ton of new folks. I got to hang out with the Commedia del Principessa (sp?) ladies who were awesome. I hate that we missed their show.

Then off to our lovely host's (The Animal Club) home and spent the next 3 hours staying up talking and laughing and drinking.

A few things:

Their apartment rocks. It's huge. My first three NYC apartments could fit inside here.

Their props are WAY more organized than MEAT's.

They have Garfield sheets. (jealous?)

It is totally a sketch apartment, and much like Ted and Jordi's out in Portland, it is full of props, weird shit and good vibes. YAY!

There is no question that most of us sketch people, LIVE for festival weekends. It is camp for us. All of a sudden the mundane, boring day jobs leave our thoughts and we spaz out and nobody looks at you funny because they are spazzing out too.

So my head hurts, I am ready for coffee and food, and I am even more ready to get back to the theatre to drown myself in sketch.

I miss you jordi!. Oh...apparently people READ this blog. wow. Who knew? So Jordi, now we HAVE to be better at keeping this thing up.

Ok, I am off to find my advil.


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