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Monday, January 09, 2006

Gah! I think I just found a beer bottle in my hair

It's 9:26 on Monday morning, I am back at my desk, in my corporate office, REEKING of Chicago Sketchfest...cause I haven't showered yet mother fuckers!


Wow wow wowee wow wow. What a blast. I adore Chicago. MEAT had a great time.

I don't know where to begin.

Champagne, can you help me remember all that went on?

"Sure Biz! heeeeeeeeeeee! First off, the Cupid Players and the rest of the Sketchfest staff f'ing rocked! Second, I got laid like a champ by the slutty ass unicorn. Heeeeeeeeee! Third, the Animal Club was freaking the bomb as they let us crash at their place. You probably don't remember Biz, but you guys trashed that place. Jerks. I hope you rot Biz. Heeeeeeeeeee!"

Wow Champagne. I forgot what an asshole you are.

Yes, thank you Animal Club. It was so nice of you to let us crash there. Friday night was the viewing of R Kelly's in the Closet...What should now be considered the definitive sketch comedy writing tool. Saturday was the after after party that stared at 5am. Smells like sketchfest. I totally got to sign Baz's high school year book. I signed the crack. BWA HA HA! Do you understand now why I am a comedy genius?

PS. Baz? MEAT totally has a crush on you. If we had a clubhouse, your picture would be on the wall like a Tiger Beat poster.

I hate that we had to miss Cupid, Karla and Triplett this year due to scheduling. But come on...lets hear it for the ladies...Saturday night, closing the 1st weekend of the fest, by three all female groups. Rock on sisters! I heard that Triplett did my favorite sketch, the Trix sketch and added a whole dance finale to it. I hate a missed it.

I finally got to see Superpunk's whole show. I loved it. What a great combo of smart writing, high concept, and physical comedy. I loved the Benny Hill sketch and the "You'll never escape. NEVER!" sketch. There is no way for me to describe either of these.

OH GOD! I saw Ten West. They are one of my favorite groups and two of ther greatest guys. They had some new sketches that were amazing. Inparticular, Jon, performed a new piece, involving Barbie dolls, wrecked love affairs and suiced, all set to Johnny Cash's "Hurt." I can't handle it. It was so funny and moving and dark. Livia described seeing them like being a 16 year old girl in the 60's and seeing Bob Dylan. Thats how we feel seeing those guys.

I, and the other ladies, were thrilled to be back in Chicago with Elephant Larry. I love those guys. LOVE THEM! They do such awesome work. I have seen some of their sketches A LOT, and still find myself laughing my ass off. They had completely sold out shows and I over heard just about everyone buzzing about them. KUDOS Elephant Larry!

There was this super sluttly Unicorn lurking about. I can't even begin to repeat what that slutty unicorn told me, but I will say that I didn't know unicorns liked to suck...I can't even say it!

Baz...If you got a picture of that slutty unicorn, send it to me. I think it lives behind your couch.


Wow...Wait till you guys see this.

I will also take any pictures that may have been taken over the fest weekend.

What else? We met lots of new peeps this year. There was a lot of red bull. The festival was packed. Hooray for Brian and Jill and the sketchfest gang on doing so awesome.

If you are in Chicago next week you MUST go the festival and see The Animal Club, TROOP!, The Harvard Sailing Team, The Defiant Thomas Brothers, Cupid Players, The Habit and PrincessPonyPartyAmazing's own Jordi and the 3rd Floor. All of these groups I have seen and can attest to the fact that they are incredible and inspiring.

Now, for a little horn tooting....,1,4581763.story?coll=chi-leisuretempo-hed

Best Performers: Sporting their trademark bloodied aprons, the all-female New York-based "Meat" combine subtlety with clever writing, intense acting and a palpable vulnerability. Highlights of their new show include a tribute to Velvet Scrunchy, the only a cappella punk band in the world, and a hysterical musical look at the angst that goes into burning a mix-CD -- "some Muppets so he'll think I'm sweet" -- for a potential lover.

Shut up Biz! You are such a braggart. No one cares about your little sketch comedy world. Now get back to work and fax me a coffee! heeeeeeeeeeee!


At 2:12 PM, Blogger baz said...

biz, the crush is totally mutual, but i'm afraid we're star crossed. what would the world say? SCANDAL, they'd say. one boy and a sketch group? SCANDAL!

and i've got the new triplette trix sketch with the dance finale on tape. just fyi.

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

i might want a little looksie at that. I heard it was brilliant.

Also, the collective that is MEAT doesn't care what people say.


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