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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here we are, the continuing saga of 16 year old Biz, from Tuscaloosa, AL, who uses the expression “oh well” too much. If it is not obvious, I want to go on a date with a boy. ANY BOY. My self esteem depends on it. But Stefan pointed out that for being so unsure about myself, I was clearly very assertive with the fellas…i.e. asking them out. Hrmmmmm.

Ah, background on “BEAUTY WALK

The Beauty Walk was our high school’s version of a beauty pageant. There was only one public school system in T’Town, so each grade level when you hit high school, has like 1000 kids in it….and every girl from 9th and 10th grade had to be in the beauty walk (11th and 12th grade were in a different school...again, too many kids to have in one school). Basically you would have about 300 contestants, and as that is too many girls to do a beauty pageant with, it was just a walk. Each girl walked once around the stage with their number pinned to their dress, very cattle call style. Then 10 girls were picked, then the “queen.” Wow. Everybody feeling good about themselves?

Well today was fun. I flirted around with a lot of guys and told some people about moving. In SGA, Craig came up and stuck his head over my shoulder and was resting on me. I could have died. I’ve chosen him as my main goal. I went to the beauty Walk tonight and messed around. Rosh said the sweetest thing to me. He’s the best. I saw some girl (freshman) come out. I said oh my gosh, I might possibly look like her when I am 23! And he just looked at me like what? So I rambled on like “just wait, I’ll come back from B’ham and you guys will say whao she looks great who is that! Rosh said “we already say that the only difference is we know who you are.” I DIED. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. HE’S THE BEST. I’VE GOT TO GO OUT WITH HIM AT LEAST ONCE! I know tomorrow is Friday but I really want a date for Saturday, a real date. Oh well.

I’m so depressed. I need so badly a guy to go out with. I’ll even take a freshman. I really like Craig a lot. Friday he was running around saying “all right, Elizabeth’s moving!” etc. I know he was playing with me but it still hurt my feelings.

Why is it guys don’t ask me out? It’s driving me crazy! At camp lots of guys like me. Why not here? I’m probably going up to B’ham this weekend. Watch me be asked out. Cathy’s coming too. I’m excited about seeing her.

My gosh, can I have a day where I receive every signal correctly and interpret everything right? Where I don’t walk away and end up writing at night about how I am so confused? AGH! Today I flirted with everyone, but why don’t I get a date? It seems like guys are interested in me. Like I came in late to 1st, Joe and Rosh asked me where I was. ALL day Craig and I got along great. Rosh and I even made plans to go fishing Sat afternoon. I’m not sure how concrete they are. Oh well. I really want to though. If he wants to take Elizabeth Standard then I’m going to take Craig. I will invite him. I really want to move to B’ham so badly. I can’t wait. Oh well. Chow.

Chow. Wow. I guess I meant Ciao. I was so international.


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