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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So Long San Fran

What a great time. The MEAT ladies had a blast at the San Francisco Sketchfest this past weekend. We have been traveling quite a bit lately and I will admit, it was a bit disorienting at first, and the time zone action didn't help, but we were ready to rock by showtime.

Of course, the best thing to do in San Francisco in our opinion, is to check out Kasper Hauser, one of our favorite sketch groups in the country. We had the honor of sharing the same bill with them, along with Olde English (who I was happy to finally see live). I could go on and on about how smart and sharp we think Kasper Hauser's writing is, and throw in the fact that they are brilliant actors who commit to detail...dear lord, it makes us as happy as seeing the Golden Gate bridge.

Speaking of, John, from Kasper Hauser, was a real hero in spending his Sunday taking us around SF. We had the ultimate burrito in the Mission district and then we hung out in Kasper Hauser's office. If that weren't exciting enough (and it really was actually) he took us out to the Golden Gate bridge. It was incredibly awesome, and we drove up this hill/mountain, some sort of large land mass, that allowed us to overlook the bay and the bridge. It was really very cool.Too bad, I am a loser, who doesn't have a camera. Reggei had her disposable camera, so maybe I will see those pictures next month.

I am also super drained and tired so this is probably the least descriptive retelling of our trip, and maybe one of the other MEAT ladies will chime in and add some details.

We got to see several of the other groups who performed this weekend. I loved Fempyre, the feminist rock/folk duo. It was great to really hang out with Olde English (thanks for having our backs had we gotten in the fight with those birthday party attendees)...their film/sketch about the astronauts getting off the moon was GREAT! Boomtime...what can I say, I adore absurd and they were absurd. Plus they were totally awesome guys who I had a blast hanging out with at the after party. We also got to see the reunion of Totally False People, (who also put on the fest) and they were great.

Wow...I am so tired and out of it that this may be coming across as almost sad. Well hear me MEATBALLS, it wasn't sad, it was kickass.I am going to curl up under my desk at my work and take a nap. I am sure no one will mind.

Get out of me now, Biz

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