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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dear Diary part 7 - The continuing saga of a girl named Elizabeth

OK, as I read more and more of my diary, I realize it gets a bit repetitive…”Oh well” and “I really like this list of guys who won’t ask me out” “nobody likes me, everybody hates me,” etc, etc. For today’s installment, I have decided to select two entries that I think are “fun!” weeeeee

One is me having a tantrum over “everyone liking Susan and not me” which is always charming. Who doesn’t like a girl who is always obsessed comparing her self worth to how people treat her friends rather than her. (Not a word Stefan…I am so not still like that.)

As an added bonus I scanned the entry so you can see my PSYCHO handwriting during this rant.

The second entry is another “Elizabeth waxes on about love” essay. I think the point I want you to get is that I was incredibly “deep” as a teenager. I am sure that is why I never dated. Sigh.

Note: OM stands for Olympics of The Mind. You got nothing on me mathaletes.

2/16/90 (10:30) (wow I put a time in on this one)
I can’t stand T’town. I hate it & myself. I mean I must be super ugly. I mean a grotesque bitch. I went to Julien’s party. Everyone pretty much didn’t want to be around me. And Susan, we all of a sudden set her up with Chris and everyone likes her. Unbelievable. I don’t understand. Why do I do this? I’m just going to die. Rosh apparently likes someone else. Of course, just like everyone. The only people who are interested in me are people I don’t like! AHG! It’s so unfair. I just want to die! Why can’t I ever attract a person I like? I don’t belong with these people. They don’t really like me. I don’t see why they hung around me to begin with. I can’t go back. I just want to go on to B’Ham.

I hate myself. I must be really ugly and a real bother. I need so much help!

Oh well, I did absolutely nothing this weekend. My car is broken. I went to OM. It was ok. I thin Charley is cool as all. I don’t see what it is that guys see in Laurie. Oh well. (I then draw an arrow to the other page) It’s much easier to write on this page. I’m so confused sometimes about love. Will my Mr. Right be someone I know now or will I meet him later? Do I know him and have a crush on him, maybe he doesn’t know I exist or maybe I don’t know about him. Why does he have to be my age? Maybe I was born too early and he’s like four years younger than me or maybe I was born too late and he’s 20 or 30. Ahg. If I missed him will there be another Mr. Right out there? Ahg


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