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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The day you have all been waiting for...

Well dear readers of my 10th grade diary, I have a treat for you. I have decided to skip ahead to March 16th (actually its sometime in the wee hours of the am so it's really the 17th), which was the day...


That is correct. I don't want to ruin it by telling you any deatils in advanced, but it is quite exciting. (I will mention though that the boy doesn't attend our school...which is why he likes me. ha ha ha.) This was a fun entry because i included illustrations, which i have scanned in. Plus you can check out more of my psycho hand writing.

Also, there is a bit of a time sequence situation here. As best I can tell, the entry starts on Saturday, by reflecting on something that happened Thursday. The OM meeting (for those of you who forgot how cool I was, that stands for Olympics of the Mind) was Friday night, and the rest of this takes place on Saturday. There are a few pronoun issues that i try to clear up as we go along.

To be honest I forgot all about this night, which goes to show you that what you think is the most important moment when you are 16, is probably not. Hell, moments i thought were life changing 2 months ago have copmpletly left my memory replaced by dreams of a new haircut.

Maybe I am just way deeper than you are.


Lets get back to the good stuff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, young Biz and the boy from another school.

March 16 or so (Sat)

Well wowie wow wow. Thursday night after I got back (from visiting B'ham) I went to Brian Rhodes party. I went with Presely and we got there around 9:00. Josh has been in a fight. He was sober but the other guy was drunk. Josh tried to prevent it and only hit in self defense when neccessary. Tracy (drunk guy) comes out of nowhere and begins to lunge at Josh more. I turn and there's Mika, who I met this summer. He jumps in the drivers seat and josh gets in the back, Tracy trying to get in the car all the way. The the next thing i know, Dave and Presely are in MY car. "lets go find em!" So we go to Mika's. When we finally catch up with him, he'd taken Josh home. We all went in and watched Pet Cemetary. Let me explain about Mika. When I met him this summer I was really hot for him. He of course liked Cathy. He has this adorable laugh!
(this is apparently all I have to "explain" about Mika)

Anyway, we were all sitting on the couch...

(I drew this in my diary)

To my surprise he came and sat down by me. A pillow kinda rested here....

Before I know it he is holding my hand! AHG! And rubbing my arm. He put his hand right on the upper part of my leg.

WHOA BABY! Presley and Dave knew what was going on and just looked away. I sat up for a second and he rubbed my back and when i leaned back i was in his arms! It was him making all the moves. I haven't felt so happy, like i did since camp. I love being held and stuff. All yesterday I was like, nah, no way is he gonna call me, and I shouldn't even expect him to. What had he done? Held my hand and stuff? Nothing commitment making! But I really did want him to call me. I had an all night OM meeting last night. At 5:00, Josh said "Mika wants you to call him!" WHOA!! So I did! Def! He was so cute, he asked me if I wanted to do something that night (WHOA!) but of course i couldn't! So then he asked me to do something this afternoon! yeah! So hopefully he'll call me soon. I've been up since...well wait, i never went to bed! Today is gorgeous. Oh wait, last night when everyone was asleep, Ram, Laurie and I played truth for 2 or 3 hours. We all got deep. It was great. I want to remember what everyone wants to be. Laurie, a musician, burnout, rehab, then an executive. Ram, work with bettering wildlife and writing poetry. Whoa, shocker, or buy a small company. Well, chow!

con't. later on

Well, we are going to see Lord Of The Flies at 3:45. If it were just the two of us i wouldn't care what we did in the theatre but NO! We're going with Dave and Jeff Bukly. AHG! Dave I love, Jeff, who the hell is he? I know him as a scrawny rich skater! Ahg, I really don't know what he'll (Mika) do. I'd live on cloud 9 for months if all he did was hold my hand and stuff like at his house. But if he were to start kissing me i'd be so embarrassed! Thing is, I don't know if I'd kiss back. What am I saying, of course! But still, I'm hopefully getting myself worked up over nothing! Maybe he's just taking me as a friend! Either way the movie will be so intense. My mom is pitching a fit! " Who is this? Well this is all you are doing with him! Straight home!" as if she doesn't trust him! Ahg! She's never met him! (I see the hilarity of this line of thinking now)Oh please let him come to the door to get me. What ever he does, don't beep. Oh god don't beep!!! I'm all nervous! I have this awful feeling like I'm scared. This is the first time a guy has ever asked me out with out being put up to, even if it's with other guys, he still asked me. Not for a ride or anything! Yeah! Shit my stomach is screwed. If i go smelling of farts I'll die! OH WELL CALM DOWN!

Talk about a classy ending...but wait...there is another continuation page, but you will have to wait for it.

xoxo, Biz


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