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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"SCARIEST" Part Two...

I saw 'Goodfellas' in the theatre seven times mostly due to this scene.
<---------- It's the first time we see Henry all grown up and ready to do some heisting, killing, rhymin' & stealin'. This is the shot that seriously made me forget how to breathe for a few seconds. Thinking about this shot makes me walk into walls. This is my equivalent to the Farrah red swimsuit poster. The way he says "Karen" as in: "What did you do Karen?" Delicate, menacing and deliberate. (My husband does an excellent Liotta by the way).

We like to play 'Goodfellas'. The best is at 'Safeway' when Ted will say "What did you do Karen?" and I'll say "What was I supposed to do Henry? They were all over the house!" Then we fall onto a heap in the cereal aisle, freaking out and sobbing....before falling asleep (a gun inTed's hand.) No we don't.

Boy. That 'Operation Dumbo Drop' was a real mood killer. No slow pans up Liotta's body to reveal those ice-blue eyes. Not even. Oh well....there's always the next time I watch 'Goodfellas' (which I've now saved for every birthday).

Crusty (no). Scary (YES!)


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