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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maybe i have been at my job too long


Wanna know how to make me go nuts? All you have to do is not do what your job is or put no effort into ANYTHING or pass the buck or basically do what i lay out below.

Here is the situation. One of my bosses has gone on a trip to Asia. She will be in Japan, China and Australia. She is in Japan today and emails me to say that her Blackberry isn't working and can I find out if they can make it so she is able to use it internationally.

Sure! That is my job.

So the following is the exchange between me and the Blackberry support person for our company. I will refer to them as "Jerk." I will be "Biz." My Boss will be "Boss." I will add my comments in another color.


My Boss writes to me:
Hi there
Feeling a little “lost in translation” but all good. My blackberry is not working over here. It says it cannot find service.
Can we get it enabled internationally so it will work on this trip?
Let me know and good luck with your show tonight!
Thanks, Boss

What a nice boss!

Biz forwards to Jerk and writes:
Is there a way to make Boss’s blackberry work internationally?
Thank you

Jerk Writes:
Currently there is not a blackberry that works in Japan. Unfortunately we do not know when service will be available.

Biz writes:
Will it work in China and Sydney?

Jerk Writes:
This link will show you what countries have coverage.

Ok, here we are at the first irritating thing. I am looking for a yes or no answer. Jerk is the Blackberry coordinator for our company. Seems like something they would know right off the bat or have on hand or be able to look up for me.

I click on the site and it takes me to a page that has nothing to do with international calls. I search the page for a link that might take me there and after trying several links could not find anything. This seemed like such a simple question. Go ahead. click on the link and see if it is obvious.

Biz writes:
This link does not take me to a coverage page. I cannot seem to find a link to the info I am looking for on the page that does come up.

Jerk writes:
Under Business Solutions select Medium/Large Business
Scroll down to about middle of page and select – International Plan
View International Roaming Rates
Dropdown box and select a country. If the country is there and shows rates there is a roaming agreement and will have coverage

WOW! This is an incredible process to get to the info. What KILLS me is that Jerk had to go through all these steps in order to tell me, so why not just check and see if China and Sydney are in the plan? WHY go through all of this? This seems like the most complicated way to avoid giving me an answer i have ever seen. THIS MADE ME CRAZY! Fine, I will admit it shouldn't make me that crazy. I have been here too long and there are other things going on in my life that add to my stress, but THIS IS SO CRAZY!

Here is the email I would like to write in response:

Dear "Jerk"

Kudos on not answering my question. Go fuck yourself. I hate you. You are my nemisis.

It is on now.



At 3:41 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

This reminds me Biz, while I'm in China, Japan and Asia taking care of the Princess Pony Party Amazing Goes East conference, could you be a lamb and make sure that my Dora the Explorer walkie talkies have roaming capacity?

Thanks dear. Good luck on the show tonight!


PS - Punch me in the face!


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