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Saturday, September 30, 2006

October is Jordi Month

I, Biz, decree October to be Jordi month!


So lets get to know Jordi. (Jordi, just edit trhis with your answers!)

1. Do you like cereal?
J: Yes and there should be a ceral restaurant.
I love Apple Jacks in particular

2. Have you ever seen a ghost?
J: Seen - no. Heard loud footsteps upstairs at a certain house when I was alone - yes.

3. If you could be one celebrity for a day with no consequences, who would it be and what would you do?
J: I'd be Bush and I'd make it so that the war would end, people could marry who they want, schools would have money, no-kill animal shelters in every city, and then I'd kill myself.

4. Tell me a secret.
J: I used to eat erasers in kindergarten...but they had to be a certain kind. I was picky about what erasers I would eat. The red ones were too grainy, but the smooth white ones were kind of sweet. I also used to eat the toes off of all my Barbies.

5. You get one superpower...what is it?
J: Breathing underwater.

6. Despite how much we make fun of "slutty halloween costumes," what slutty halloween costume would you pick if you could wear it and not feel bad or laugh the entire time you were wearing it.
J: It's a tie - 1960's Stewardess, Catholic Schoolgirl, 1950's Nurse and 1970's Disaster Movie Heroine. That last one doesn't sound very slutty, but believe me - after, New Years' Eve Halston white halter dress gets burned in all the right places in a fire, then drenched when Steve McQueen breaks the water tanks to put that fire out...that's one slutty (in a good way) 1970's Disaster Movie Heroine outfit.

7. Whats your special gift?
J: 'Name That Tune' & backgroud music. No matter where I am, even though I'm listening to what's going on conversation-wise, if there's music playing I'm always aware of it and I almost always know what it is. It's kind of sick.

8. Who would you kill?
J: Toss up: Bush or Paris Hilton.

9. If you could give me different name what would it be.
J: That Girl! or Lois Lane (for who you remind me of). As far as a name-name....Biz is so perfect I can't even tell about.....Cookie Van Slinkyacademy.

10. Can you?
J: Yes. And I will.


At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is like those dumb emails my coworkers keep trying to disect me with....only fun-r. I want more!

-jason cupcake


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