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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guess who was a B-Level Superhero for Halloween?


Thats right....after much begging, Stefan agreed to dress up as The Green Arrow and I went as The Black Canary. WEEEEEEEEE!
It never occured to me that no one would know who we were. After the 25th "Hey Robin Hood!" and "Slutty Maid Marion" I let it go and accepted that I didn't need to stop every drunk Halloween reveler on the streets of NYC who called out to us and say "um, no, we are Green Arrow and Black Canary, the DC comic book characters, you know, she was part of the original JLA and he funded the....ok, we are Robin Hood and Slutty Maid Marion."
Actually, we had to duck into the halloween store to get some spirit gum, blah blah blah, and had three different people know who we were instantly, which was a good thing, or I was going to have to drag us into a comic book store A SAP, so that I could feel validated.
And now for all you PPPA'ers who like to live vicariously through mine and Stefan's is what we did before going out on Halloween.
We made kids cry! YAY

First we made a scary sign so that kids would know they could come up to our place to trick or treat. YOU ARE TOO SCARY STEFAN!

Then Stefan got dressed up super scary! THATS TOO SCARY STEFAN!

Here is the sign, in action...terrifying right? Is that a ghost behind the gate?

No, its just Stefan sitting very still with a bowl of candy in his lap. You can also see a skeleton back in the dark corner beneath the stairs

We had super creepy music playing.
We all know where this is going right? This is the classic, "Hey unsuspecting kid, do you dare to take the candy from the dummy? OH WAIT ITS NOT A DUMMY! ITS REAL AND ITS GOING TO JUMP AT YOU WHEN YOU GET NEAR!"

The most fun was watching the parents convince their kids that nothing was going to happen...KNOWING what was going to happen. I don't think anyone had done this on our block or in our neighborhood in years! It was great. We had lots of people parading by to get scared. One older woman was yelling "Oh lord! I am not going in there! lord lord lord...i know what hes going to do...he is going to scare me and I am going to hit him! But you go on baby girl, its all right."
I was hiding in the space beneath the stairs, so that once Stefan jumped at them I would bang on the gate and the skeleton and we would get "Oh lord! What is under there! WHAT IS UNDER THERE!"


It was great!

Monica sat in the dark, in the house, eating sphagetti watching through the blinds. We did this for 2 hours.

Screw the parties next year! 2007 is going to be way scarier at the Park Slope abode!

YAY Halloween!

FYI, I have finally uploaded a ton of Pictures from various events over the last few months, so here are some story adventures that you have to look forward to!

Stefan and Biz go to Coney Island!
Stefan and Biz go to Alabama!
MEAT goes to LA!
The LA Halloween Party! (which may be part of MEAT goes to LA)
Stefan's Birthday!
Pictures of my Cat!

So stay tuned!



At 5:31 PM, Anonymous marni said...

i have been anxiously awaitng these photos for TWO DAYS.
please never leave me hanging like that again.

you both looked fantastic! i am so proud.

At 1:00 AM, Anonymous kathy said...

yay! i KNEW y'all would have badass costumes, but hadn't heard what yet, and i thought -- the PONY will tell me. and, lo, the PONY has spoken. yay!

-- kathy
(who went as the "dish" to spoons' ... "spoons" amd all night, people were like, "you're ... a plate?" sigh.)


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