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Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Jordi


I know, its been TOO long PPPAers. But we have been busy...not posting.

But as it is Jordi's Birthday....that is the best reason for me to stop being lazy, I mean busy, and get on this board and do something hilairous.

(10 minutes of awkward silence)

Biz to self:
(hmmmm....what is hilarious? a funny picture? maybe....where did i put that hilarious stuff...i know it is around here somewhere....i mean it is Jordi's freaking birthday and she deserves hilarious. Is this it?)

(no thats not it....hampsters with lightsabers...adorable, but not hilarious....hmmm...those are my old receipts....and a hairy life saver that i didn't throw away...where is it! I know there is something hilairous in here somewhere....oh....maybe this is it....)

If you click this link, scroll down to November 28th, then click get Mortified)

(no, thats not hilarious...just sort of self grandizing...Its Jordi's birthday and I must think! Maybe I could make here something!)

(no that just sucks.)

Oh well!

Happy Birthday Jordi!


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

I'm laughing with glee and appreciation and am about to click on your Geraldo appearance!

Thanks, my East Coast Wife.

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous fellow dirty old woman said...

hey. you know what's out for jordi's birthday? new harry potter trailer! watch out daniel radcliffe... ;)


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