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Monday, March 12, 2007

Project Breakout

Hello PPPAs!

How are you?

Me? I am good, thank you so much for asking. Aren't you sweet. No, you are. Really. You are. You! You! I know I am but you are too. You are. You. You. You. Shut up.

I want to tell you about a little thing called Project Break Out!

Project Breakout is looking for the next “breakout” comedy star and will leave no barstool unturned in their pursuit to find him, her or them. Their online video competition, which starts on March 12th, involves three rounds over two months and is open to anyone who thinks that they’re funny and can prove it! The winner will be picked through a combination of voting by the online audience and an expert panel of judges. Best of all, the winner earns a featured role in the upcoming SketchFest NYC ( as well as an all-expenses paid trip to sunny South Florida to produce a webisode with the judges.

What the hell is Project Breakout, anyway? Good question. Imagine Project Breakout as the love child emerging from an illicit union between a video-sharing site like YouTubeTM and a major talent competition like American Idol®. Project Breakout ( is the premiere network for online video competitions and features channels in comedy, short film, viral videos, screenwriting, dance, animation and more.

While the above sounds pretty scripted...and it is...I do think this is a pretty awesome deal, becuase unlike other contests like this, you have to prove that you are consistantly funny, meaning each round of competition requires you to make a new video, which I like bcause usually you get somebody who made a funny film once and gets heralded as the greatest comic on earth, but isn't and doesn't work as hard as the rest of us slobs who actually are funny and want to succeed. Also, they really want to help the winner get to the next level.

So, anywho, take alook...fawn all over a certain JUDGE (wink) and submit if you want to.

Rock and roll,



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