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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Disney Part II: Guess who loves drinking from novelty glasses?

We do!

Here we are on night 5 of our Disney vacation and had drinks and dinner at the Polynesian restaurant. Of course we had to kick things off with drinks served in pineapples.
The dinner was this Polynesian family style restaurant where they just started bringing you every type of food that they had. It was all in a sauce that didn't settle with me and about 12 minutes into it, IT was coming out of me...meaning i threw up. Stefan can't take me anywhere.
The next day we were at water park number 2...Typhoon Lagoon, which by the way is the BEST thing to do if you go to Walt Disney World. It was really awesome. And low and could get drinks there in COCONUTS! Makes me wanna go NUTS! I went to the bar and the woman asked "do you want a pirate coconut or a monkey coconut." Blink!
BOTH! Sweet!
The monkey coconut says "Also a coin bank" and then in all caps "TAKE ME HOME!!!!" (right, quadruple exclamation points.)
Ok, the next day we hit Epcot. I seem to remember Epcot from my childhood as this rad learning experience with a bit of Michael Jackson tossed in.
It wasn't what i remembered. It was there was NOTHING educational. Everything was made to sound like you were learning but you actually weren't. Like in the Ellen's Energy show they said things like "fire is responsible for civilization. " and then moved on. What? You don't want to follow that up with some examples? Instead they followed it up with a 10 minute ride through dinosaurs...which was fine by me. I hate learning.
The world showcase was really bad. I can't begin to explain in words, but maybe these pictures will help.
Here is Stefan in front of the Mexico pavilion. How authentic! I hope we can find some truly native arts and crafts from these amazing people.

Like this margarita party pump! Ole!

Or what about this bin of tostitos! stop...exotic China!

After this picture I remembered that when i take my glasses off I look Chinese. So I did it. Look it! When I was growing up, the other kids at school used to call me "Chinese Girl!" Which is guess was better than "wart girl" since i had a LOT of warts on my legs and feet and hands. Cute.

So in we go to browse the shops. China was one of the better places as 98% of what they sold was not Disney related....the 2% belongs to this table of Sushi plates and Saki sets... China. Maybe I am just not very worldly.

God I miss Stefan. I wish he would return from ITALY soon.

Italy consisted of a restaurant and a booth that sold wine. Just like the real italy.

And here we are...Japan...and Biz doing the no glasses thing again...which is kinda jerky in hindsight.
Japan was probably the most awesome. No Disney crap here. Everything was super authentic and they had this amazing show on Robots and tin toys. Very cool.
Ok...this is it for now. Look forward to inappropriate McDonald's ads from around the world.


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Biz makes me go nuts! And Stephan looks good in Italy.


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