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Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm facsinated by celebrity look-a-likes who are on a legit celebrity look-a-like payroll even though they either only kind of look like the celebrity their company claims they resemble or the only thing in common is a clothing item. Take two dudes, put Ray Bans and a hat on them and you have 'The Blues Brothers' available for your next party or car show. I don't think I've ever seen a 'Marilyn Monroe' who didn't look like an ancient drag whore. The Marilyns seem to think that all it takes is a yellow wig and I swear some of them are Korean. Find me a Marilyn without make-up (make-up-less Marilyn was ravishing) and you've really got something.

I'm a huge fan of Kind-A-Likes and whenever I find one that is unexpected (such as "Ray Manzarek from The Doors!" or "Oates!" without the Hall) I love it. I also love the ones who have been out of the spotlight for a while. It makes me wonder: would 'Sade' or 'Mr. Bean' be a good draw for a supermarket opening? The next time a friend has a hospital stay should I send 'Baby Spice' or 'Apollo Creed' (not Carl Weathers) over with flowers? (Answer: Of course!)

So, I was looking up professional Michael Caines to see who looked the least Michael Caine-y and found this.

Alright. I know what Leo Sayer actually looks like:
And he doesn't look like your uncle standing in a rual British field on a windy day while you snapped the last picture to finish the roll on your holidays. If all the Sharon Stones wear the white 'Basic Insticnt' dress in their photos and all the Tom Cruises (oh, man there so many bad ones out there) wear the aviator glasses and 'Top Gun' flight jacket, then why couldn't this 'Leo Sayer' at least care?

How will my six year-old niece know who it is when I hire him for her birthday in December? (Besides - and think about this - him singing 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing'?)

Alright. I'll admit I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the 'Leo' picture, but this Michael Caine is kind of priceless. Especially if you print it out, put it in a frame and pass it off as your dad.

As you were Ladies and Gentlemen,


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous David Ray said...

You seriously fucking kill me sometimes. Incidentally, I hate Cher and Neil Diamond lookalikes. Also I see a lot of people in this world who look like John Deacon from Queen.


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