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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Best Parts of the 'November Rain' Video

Hey, remember that one? I sure do!

1 min:35 - Here comes the bride Stephanie Seymour wearing the dress I once thought was the coolest wedding dress in the world (FUN FACT: I was actually going to have this dress made and play 'November Rain' as my aisle walk song to suprise my husband Ted on our wedding day. Then I didn't. I probably should've, but I loved the theme from 'Gidget' just that much more...)

2:24 - The whole gang is at the deceptively tiniest bar anywhere to be found: The Rainbow Room! The mood is light, a girl tries on Slash's hat, everyone laughs, people are jovial and smoking. You feel like if you ran into them tomorrow they'd say: "Awww, we missed you at The Rainbow Room! You really should've gone! A girl tried on Slash's hat, everyone laughed, people were jovial and smoking....we really missed you!"

3:06 - The wedding of Axl and Stephanie; Slash checks his pockets for the rings. "Oh NO!" his hand-acting says, "They're gone!" Luckily Duff saves the day: "I have them here, silly! They're on my pinkie, see?" Duff's hand-acting is spectacular.

3:58 - "Later Christian Slater, all you chumps who believe in weddings. I'm off to rock out in a dirtstorm, woo!" And so Slash steps out of the tiny church from the outside / giant church on the inside and does exactly that.

6:00 - The Reception. Everyone looks like Edward James Olmos. Don't ask me why.

6:15 - Axl and Stephanie, excuse me....Mr. and Mrs. Batshit Crazy cut the cake and Slash re-joins the party.

6:43 - It starts November Rain-ing. Hard!

6:45 - People are unneccessarily diving on to tables as if they are being shot repeatedly.

6:59 - Some ding-dong dives into the four-tiered cake! UNCALLED FOR. Stupid, stupid move. Sheer stupidity. Just dumb. Boy, oh boy... Stupid.

7:07 - Stephanie Seymour is....dead? What? And half of her face is a mirror and the other half is her face? How did they do that? Oh no. Pretty people shouldn't die. That's the lesson.

8:09 - I think that's Cake Asshole, invited back to the funeral to dive into the casket. Or into more cake.



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