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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

McDonalds will not be upstaged by International understanding its the end of our day at the World Showcase at Epcot and they are herding everyone out of the park. Stefan and I are a little tipsy and a lot hilariously annoyed at how uneducational most of this park was and we are just making it past a pile up of baby strollers and people not paying attention when we spot these....on a wall.
I don't even remember a McDonalds in this park so I am not sure why these were there and even if there was a McDonalds right in the middle of Epcot, I still wouldn't understand why these were there. we go...McDonald's overwhelming ego alive and well in Epcot's world paviallion.
Nothing makes me think historic London than McDonald's in the sky.
Is this supposed to be modern? It looks like old timey London, so when did they get a search light with a McDonald's gobbo?
Missing Canada? This should bring a patriotic tear to your eye. Nothing screams the natural wonders of Canada than a rainbow scorching a McDonald's M into the mountian side.

Oh, and watch out for that bear. You look like a Happy Meal.

Now, I have never been to Japan, but I think the magesticness of this amazing country's history, art and traditions are really encapsulted in this McDonald's ad. I believe the mantra of the samuri is, "Yes, I would like fries with that."

I don't know much about Morocco but i had heard a rumor that it rained french fries there all the time. I think that if I go to visit Morocco I will have a sound understanding of its people and customs. It is a magical place where everything of value is french fries!

I'm hungry...for international travel!

And McDonalds.


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