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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What to do with this desk?

OK...non-related wedding post. Don't cry.

Last night after the debate, CNN interviewed Hillary Clinton, live from where the debate took place. About 40 seconds to a minute in, in the background, you see some big ol' guys start gathering around the desk that the debate took place at. My first guess...and hope, is that these guys are about to start breaking down the desk while Hillary Clinton is talking live to CNN. I keep expecting someone to come over and tell them to get off the stage till she is done...but they don't. People do come over and join these guys though...for something better.

Please watch...i know it is over 5 minutes long...please watch this. No, its not some secret way for me to get you to listen to my hero Hillary. I actually have no idea what she talked about because of what was going on behind.

Watch it.

THAT IS AWESOME! Taking picture...and what...more and more guys join? That is fantastic. My guess is they are Obama fans because they were on the Obama side.

I was really surprised more people weren't laughing about this today.

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At 11:15 PM, Anonymous epic bridesmaid said...

"this video is no longer available"

this is not fair.


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