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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Well, we are in Los Angeles

This is week 3 and I haven't killed anyone and may actually be "getting nicer."

Unless it is after 4pm PST in which case I am very tired and unpleasant because I am still adjusting to the time difference.

Side story on the time difference. I was at a Superbowl party earlier and said "Isn't the game on early this year? Doesn't this usually play at night?"

I'll let you figure it out just like I had to.

Anyway, here is what is happening.

First off, we have been in a temporary housing situation and will be for another 2 weeks. This is both good and starting to make me feel a little crazy.

We are in the Hollywood Hills. I mean like "this is my street and view" Hollywood Hills.

I see this every time I am driving home. It is a bit weird.

We are in our own apartment in a 3 apartment house. It is being rented to us by 1st generation hippies. A lovely couple in their 60's. She is always working on her house and never wears a bra and speaks very softly and slowly in a way that suggests too much LSD.  He is, I guess her "old man" and wears a lot of tank tops and is a musician which means drinking a beer early in the day and singing from about 2pm till 5pm. Seriously they are lovely, and want to talk ALL the time so if you go outside plan on being there a while. They tend to hover, like hippie vampires waiting to be asked your psyche.

If it tells you anything about how the sunny and warm weather is effecting me, I actually have grown to enjoy talking with them.

What is the Hollywood Hills like? It has a lot of cats and smells like weed. We went over to Laurel Canyon to look at some furniture and Laurel Canyon also smells like weed.

On my second night I woke up to the sounds of a woman screaming for her life....which is what I confused the coyotes for. It was a pack of coyotes. So there is that.

Second, it is very warm and sunny. All the time. I love it though I am not sure what season it is. Neither do the vegetables which is wonderful when we go to the farmers market.

The grocery stores are amazing and they sell wine in them and I drive to them. Music sounds amazing in a car as does my singing with the music. The wine helps too.

I am very happy we moved. Really. The sunshine makes a big difference and it has been great seeing old friends and not having to dress Katy Belle in 8 layers of jackets. Plus I have seen 2 celebrities and even jaded old me thinks it is very exciting. Maybe I'll become a new who tries bread other than white bread and who will allow herself to cry at Pixar movies.

All that said, I miss our friends back in NY and I miss my sister and I miss knowing where all my stuff is. I miss my stuff a lot. What I would do for my apron and my sharp cooking knives. (That sounded like I should have said "killing knives" didn't it?) Where are my wine glasses and god help me that espresso machine needs to get here.

I will not do well when the Apocalypse comes. I sound like a dick.

More soon,


At 1:15 PM, Blogger marni said...

i'm glad you're happy but i miss you. yesterday, walking home from barnes & noble, penny was just sitting in her stroller all smiley, and i asked her what she was so happy about - she looked up at me and said "katy belle is my friend"


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