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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A craft I didn't fail at...entirely

So now that I am all settled in to life in Pasadena and have some time off from work I really felt it was time to try to do....something...anything! I tend to clean to cope with my control issues and avoidence issues all at once so I just keep cleaning the house.

House clean...must not put off pursuing actual interests...getting stronger...feeling changes! AH!

So it must be time to craft it up.

I just discovered Pintrest. I am a tad obsessed, especially searching for craft ideas. Last night I searched for "felt flowers."(Don't be impressed that I was so focused. I was a bit "loose on the wine" and only got to this search line after doing some rather drunken searches for projects I will never do, like building a night- time observatory/playhouse/sandpit/wedding venue/super collider" in my backyard. Though I did pin that.)

I found this:


I like flowers! I have felt! I have a baby sitter for a few hours!

Let me stop and link you to the site so you can do this too! It is very simple!

Ok, now lets see what I did!

Before we move on, I know what you are thinking.

"Biz, don't forget the Elephant!"

I haven't and neither has the elephant, but this is actually fail proof!!

I cut the pattern out. I prefer to pin my pattern rather than trace it for no particular reason.

Then Presto! (pay no attention to the color of the felt above and the end result. This does not suggest I had to make a 2nd attempt to get one right.)

I told you. The red one survived just fine.

 Now, the wonderful site of The Crafted Sparrow suggests hot gluing, but I knew I was going to attach this to a hair clip and felt sewing it together was easier.
Obviously I need leaves. That is what makes it hardcore and keeps me so punk rock. (cough)

Pretty freaking adorable I must say.

I then made like 5 five more...I just have to figure out what to do with them.


xoxo, Biz


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pinterest is the felt. You can ship one to Chicago. :) -Cara


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