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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chalk Paint - How to feel amazing about yourself

I have wanted to use chalk paint for a while.

"How long Biz?"

Well, I bought it 9 months ago while still in NYC, then couldn't find the paint or the brush I had bought when I was ready to use it.

I then bought it again with a new brush and didn't do anything with it.

We then moved and found both cans of paint and both brushes but could not move them cross country.

I then ordered some off Amazon a month ago...because I am lazy and didn't want to go to a hardware store.

And so without further to do stuff with chalk paint.

As I mentioned, the first step is to get excited about using it and buy some and then ignore it for almost a year.

The second step is to figure out what to paint. There are a number of amazing ideas out there on the internet by people who not only own there own home and can paint whatever they want a color that is essentially black and who have much better handwriting skills than I. Oh, and want to use that nice handwriting to write inspirational sayings on their chalkboard wall.

This is not me. I don't need a "teaspoon of good spirits or a pinch of fun." Those both taste like shit in chicken salad.

Anyway, while we didn't haul paint across country, we did haul this old school wooden school desk Stefan found on the streets of Brooklyn with us and it is perfect to paint!

You can see here that I am clearly planning on painting this inside the house.

I then realized I was a  total idiot and moved it outside. Ta da.

Ready? Paint. I was just doing the table portion of the desk, which I think shows great personal restraint. You can see that I made sure to put the lid on the cardboard so it wouldn't spill onto the driveway.....

...but was in the perfect location for me to put my knee in.  It's ok because I took this picture using Instagram so ruining my jeans looks vintage.

And now you have something that marries the best of early education...chalkboards and desks.

Now this is the part that have to wait 3 days before you can do any "chalk" activities. I don't know why...I am not a chalkboard paint scientist...I can only imagine that the 3 day waiting period has something to do with fairy magic. So while you wait for the magic to happen, you can move your desk into your kitchen and drink wine while sitting at it and look bored and disgusted simultaneously while your friends from out of town indulge your husband's homemade pasta making dream. (see future post on pasta making.)

Badda bing badda bang! Presto! You have used chalkboard paint on something!

No, (cough) there is no reason it is now in the garage. is the perfect place and perfect desk to etch out brilliant project idea.

So check it off the list people and let's move on to the next logical project like the use power tools or something.




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