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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home made birthdays are the best...

...till your kid gets old enough to know better.

Oh PPPAers, it has really been too long. I promise I have lots of posts to post and promise to be just as bad getting them posted as I have been this year to date.

I wanted to give you a Katy Belle birthday wrap up. This year's theme was "Balloons and Lollipops." A lot of thinking went into this theme...mainly Katy Belle really enjoying balloons and lollipops. 

Guess who doesn't really enjoy balloons?

This girl.

I felt like a cat walking through a room full of sleeping dogs. Dogs that don't like cats. Also the cat is wearing tap shoes. So very stressful. It is the popping. Popping is no good. I really compartmentalize...well...pretty much everything....fears, anxiety, past traumatic experiences, all that painful dental work, failures, sadness, that time I peed myself in 1st grade, the belief that if I think something mean about a fat person that person can read my thoughts....all of that CRAMMED waaaaaaayyyyy down deep.


So I cruised the Pintrest pages for ideas and was inspired. is going to be JUST like this.

Oh boy. Yeah, we don't do well at decorating. You may remember these little Halloween cupcakes I made last year.

Here is the link to the full cupcake post. I'll wait while you PIN it.

Let's hear it for home made! 


Maybe cake!

How about now?

Or now. Note the 5 pound cookie lollipops slowly ripping the cake as they descend into madness.

I will say I did a rad job on party gift baskets. I have been hoarding these stupid baskets from our weekly farmer's market trips and ta daaaaa....

Step one, clean baskets or cover rotting strawberry goop with cheerful ribbon.

Cram with toxic foam.

Fill with easter grass and cram a bunch of potentially life threatening objects in it to give to 3 year olds. 

 I'll wait. I know....SO MUCH TO PIN! 

You know who ate a ton of candy and cake and doesn't look at all impressed?

This kid. (That is Ryan...Britt's daughter.)

You know who was ever more impressed?

Katy Belle.

I know behind that disinterested stare is a happy child. Or a child about to puke.

For some reason I thought I should take all the videos and pics from the party and cram them into a video. I think it is apparent that all footage is taken at the beginning and that there wasn't as much footage as I needed to match the song and I like star swipes and Katy Belle went naked about half way through so her time on the slide is edited because there was a lot "flashing" coming down the slide and I do think our balloon decor is lovely.


I am just going to add the decoration photo because it might inspire someone else. Self pin.

I really will try to get a few more posts up soon.




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