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Friday, June 08, 2012

The Pasta Maker

Hi PPAers!

It is Friday night, I have some homemade bread and a bowl of hot tomatoes, garlic and onion that I am calling bruschetta (it is not tomato sauce if it is not on top of pasta. Don't judge me.) I have wine. There is a helicopter giving my house or someplace nearby a fly over...and over and over. No one seems concerned on the streets.

OH MY GOD it is mind numbing. So much so that I just left you to go look and stood in my backyard and watched it go by....twice. I stared at it and then came back inside. If I think about it rationally, I am probably right in thinking there is a crazy person on the loose running through yards....probably mine.

Excuse me, I am just gonna go lock the back door.

Now, where was I. Oh yes, pasta. Since I have known Stefan, he has had a pasta maker...that has sat in a box...on a the basement of our former Brooklyn apartment. Every 6 months or so I would be on a "purge the apartment" kick and would ask "Are you going to use that pasta maker? We could sell it on Ebay or add it to the yard sale pile."

Stefan would look at me like I was asking him to get rid of something really important like the coffee grinder and explain that he "was going to make pasta this weekend."

Another 6 months would pass, we'd go through it all over again and so on and so forth all the way to California.

Me: Are you sure you want to move the pasta maker all the way across country?

Stefan: (tersley) Yes. I will make pasta.

I have never seen that pasta maker out if its box in 7 years...until today. Ok, a month ago but that didn't sound as good and just reminds me it has been too long since I wrote on The Pony.

(Side note, helicopters have stopped but now there is a bird outside sounding like it being murdered. Paradise)

Jay and Martha came last month and since Jay is almost exactly like Stefan in all things cooking I suggested that they make pasta. I believe my exact words were "I no longer think there is a pasta maker in that box. Prove it or the box goes and we use the space for the rarely used waffle iron."


And equally exciting...MARTHA!

Jay: Pasta is gonna be awesome Biz!

Martha: No really Biz! It is so easy!

Martha: Look! Pasta dough goes in!

Martha: Pasta dough goes out! 

Stefan: True story!

Biz: Uh huh.

Jay: Truuuusssst me Biz. You try. You like.

Biz: Oh, look...pasta dough goes in...

Biz: OH MY GOD! Pasta dough comes out! I'm doing it! I'm doing it!

Biz: Ok...I'm good.

Biz: Go about your pasta making love, I'll just keep one eye on you and one on this bottle of wine.

This is an good example of 1 to many cooks in the kitchen.

Pasta comes out!

Pile of pasta.

Pasta with sauce....not to be confused with my bruschetta recipe.

I must admit that this was really awesome pasta. Like most things, especially food, when it is made from scratch, especially with the help of good friends, it really does taste wonderful.

The pasta maker is allowed to stay. Until 2019 pasta maker, enjoy your box.



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