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Friday, February 03, 2006

Part 2 of the date with Mika

Ok, very exciting stuff yesterday. A boy liked me and actually asked me out...with two of his friends, but that STILL COUNTS!

I also feel it is important to say that despite the "big talk" in this entry about kissing and lust etc...I was a total prude. I was raised Southern and Catholic..I was born to have issues with my sexuality. I didn't let a boy get to 2nd base till I was a senior...and my idea of 2nd base was pretty innocent. Flesh was never exposed.

The fact that I wasn't a slut may be a BIG reason why I had so many problems with boys not asking me out...but in the long run, I gotta admit it was worth it. That whole "I am going to act or actually be sleazy just to be liked by a guy" never made much sense to me.

This may also be the longest diary entry as we are about to find out what happened after the date.

Oh and we see the return of GRUBBING!

ok (cont after movie)

Ahg! Confusion racks my brain! I have to solve it alone! The movie was great. We sat in the back together. he he! He paid my way. We sat by each other. But then nothing! We left he said "call me in a few hours." oh! Ok! I'm going with we're friends, he thinks I'm fun, asks me to do stuff thats all & what happened Thursday night was just playing & sweet. But this is my diary and i don't have to put up a front in hopes of getting what I want. I want him to be physically interested in me. I want him to hold my hand and hug me and for gods sake kiss me! I want the phone to ring right now & have him ask me to do something and the hang all over me! I think he is hot and my hormones are in a total rush for him. I know we can't really have anything "special" so if he wants to be friends lets express our friendship through grubbing! I'm in lust. Yes. It'll hurt my feelings if he doesn't show any interest in me from here on. I must be taking his signals all wrong. Maybe he asked me to come to the movies cause he enjoyed my company and maybe he always pays a girls way because he's a gentleman and the ask me what I was doing tonight just to be polite!! AHG!!! I just want to go out and do something with him alone or with the guys!

cont (before bed)

He and I in the end ended up at the Carla girls home and watched Betrayed. I think he's interested in someway. We held hands and he held me. He'll be in town for a while. My only regret was not kissing him!


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i enjoy your company. really


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