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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Greatest Local Ad

Hi PPPAers,

I know what you are wondering..."Biz, what else happened on the Honeymoon? How can we live vicariously through your honeymoon bliss if you don't post?"

Good questions. I have been busy and there is your answer.

But I am back to share with you something that when Stefan and I saw it, we knew it was a Pony classic and that our friends would see the hilarity in as we did.

Set Stefan and I were in our rented house, relaxing, and watching the local "What to do on Kauai" channel, which is a 3 hour loop of touristy things to do. We love this sort of thing. Apparently, screwing with monk seals is a big problem on the island. There is a group who has created these monk seal awareness ads in order to help tourists and locals stop doing things that might hurt a monk seal.

Behold...the greatest public awareness ad ever. (sorry, we had to wait a full three hours for it to come around again to record it. The first line is cut out...but you get it.)

Key things to look for:
1. This child's father's "iced tea" drinking problem. Iced tea bottles eh? Yeah, I had a neighbor growing up who loved drinking "Dr. Pepper" but it wasn't pepper if you catch my drift.
2. The younger sister. Watch her eyes...but don't watch too closely or she might possess your soul or a church might blow up near by. Someone should not be drinking iced tea when they are pregnant...wink ah wink.
3. The younger sister again. Listen for "...and we made him turn around and pick it up." MY EYES! I have looked into the face of evil and it is this child. (it's roughly .26.)
4. The incredibly threatening music. BUM BUM BUM!



At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Kevin Chesley said...

That seal is terrifying!
Kill it!
Use the bottle!


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