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Monday, November 03, 2008

Guess Who Scared Children...AGAIN...for Halloween 2008?

This girl as Dr. Hurtsinside! (Hello gorgeous!)

This Guy! (That's Stefan patiently (har har) waiting for his operation)

This girl! The lovely Miss Anya Garret as The Nurse.

Last but not least...this guy...Dan Gordon as our special effects coordinator.

So, once again PPPAers, its Halloween and Stefan and I permanently scarred kids for life. This all started about 3 years ago, when Stefan and I were sharing memories from our Halloweens growing up. My strongest memories were of the houses in the neighborhood that really scared us when we went to the door to trick or treat. The classic being the bowl of candy sitting in a dummy scarecrow or ghost's lap with a sign that said "Please take one" and never knowing if the dummy was really a dummy or if it was a real guy who was gonna terrify you when you reached for candy. It usually was the latter.

So that year we decided to dress Stefan up, sit him on our stoop, blast scary music from the window, and let him scare people. It was fantastic! You can relive here.

Last year we decided to step up our game and came up with VooDoo Queen, Madam Bizella, who would raise her zombie prince to dole out candy. We kept the scary music and added a fog machine. Huge Success! Check it out here.

Well...I think it is obvious that Stefan and I felt we had to go big or go home for year three, so after much debate..."Terrifying clowns or Surgery gone horribly wrong" we went with option 2. (Clowns are just disturbing...too scary for anyone.)

Starting about 2 hours before we set up, we could hear people walking by the window saying "I wonder what they are gonna do this year!" "They are always so scary!" "Oh no, it says the Doctor is coming!" Expectations were very high.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present "Surgery Gone Horribly Wrong" aka "Operation Pull Candy From Stefan's Guts."

Let us watch how the show played out with our first trick or treater...a tiny mermaid.

(So young and soooooo tiny...please let us not have made a horrible mistake with our "surgery idea" this year.)

The Nurse asks if the Mermaid is here for the surgery while our patient is under.

Nurse Anya then says, "We are thrilled to have with as our new resident Doctor, the terrifying and ruthless Doctor Hurtsinside!"

(Cue fog machine and Doctor Hurtsinside. )

I come out and say something like "I see that the patient is ready. You say he was complaining of stomach pains?

"Yes Doctor," says the Nurse.

"We'll have to open him up to see what is wrong! Scalpel?"


(I cut Stefan open.)


"Sponge, Doctor!"

(I start to root around inside Stefan and pull out guts and a heart and make several lame jokes about how he doesn't need these things anymore and then...)

"Oh my god! Nurse! I can’t believe it!"

"What is it Doctor?"

"This man is filled WITH CANDY!" (see photo above for Butterfinger blockage.)

"Oh No!"

"We are going to need help! I can't remove this! I am not a candy specialist! We need a candy specialist to help!"

(Anya to mermaid) "Are you a candy specialist? Will you help get this candy out?"

(You see the scare here is that when the child reaches in to get the candy...Stefan is to wake up and start screaming "I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING!") is the big this going to be TOO scary or TOO gross? Will this small child have a problem reaching into Stefan's guts to pull out candy?

How amazing and awesome is that! It is a Halloween extravaganza! She didn't cry or anything. She looked a little confused, but the candy was comforting.

People started coming and groups started forming and adults got their adult friends to come over and get scared and kids set their parents up to get scared.

Sometimes Stefan would scream with the first person to reach in and sometimes he would let 2 or 3 people in a group reach in with out waking up and then really scare the 4th person. Here is the lovely Miss Livia being totally surprised.

One of my favorite moments was a young girl from 3 doors down who was by herself and had been to the last 2 "experiences." She comes out of her house and Anya asks if she is here for the surgery. "Sure!" We do the whole schpeal, and she reaches in...Stefan screams, she grabs a piece of candy and runs only to look down and see that a piece of Stefan's insides (blood dyed lasagna) was stuck to the candy, which made her scream even more.

Ok...before we go any further, I have to share the story of the trick or treater who scared us. This child had been here can always tell because they are usually dragging their parents or talking about the year before when they show up. This girl was ready for whatever we had for her.

Here she is...we go through all the stuff...blah blah...we need a candy specialist...she walks up...reaches in and when Stefan screams...

This child jumped straight up in the air and flat onto her back.

It was like watching a cartoon. We screamed...everyone went silent for a moment and then we started laughing...and more importantly...she started laughing...she got up and got her candy.

I'd like to think we were that scary...but I would like to think even more that this child came to pull one over on us. are some additional shots of the carnage and the candy.

Here are our good friends J and Jaime....being properly delighted.

Kids reaching into Stefan's stomach really doesn't get old.

The nurse would make sure that tiny monkeys who didn't want to operate also got candy.

And that my friends is that. Thank you to Anya and Dan for being a part of it and thank you to Monica who took pictures and to all our friends who came and hung out.

We are looking forward to next year!

Biz and Stefan...Halloween nerds


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Ted said...

You guys are the greatest Halloween nerds ever. Those kids will remember you for the rest of their lives. Well played Bifen. (Or would you prefer Stefiz?)

At 3:13 PM, Blogger AllHallowSteve said...

It's November 3rd and I was just about ready to enter my post-Halloween depression... because once The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror airs, that's the official end to the season.

Well I just want to say thank you for bringing me out of my funk.
I read with glee your description of your latest Halloween happening. Co-workers wondered why I was laughing away at my computer screen. I have a huge grin on my face and am envious of your dedication to Halloween showmanship.
You guys are the best.


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Kevin Chesley said...

To scare kids that bad really
takes some guts...GET IT!

Sigh...I wish I could have come over and eaten Stefan's spleen.

Happy Halloween!

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Jordi or Biz said...


I need to write something - it's rare that I have the use of two hands.

CRIKEY! You're the best.
Jordi, Neglectful Parent of PPPA's Needs, But Is On The Verge of a Comeback.

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Amit Gandhi said...

Never had the pleasure to be in a halloween, but the way u scare the kids, is hilarious....keep it up..u sure can bring sweet smiles, to a lot of faces

Amit Gandhi
Muscat, OMAN


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