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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few little projects

Hi PPAers! Three posts in a matter of days? Is the baby ok?

Yes, Katy Belle "not a baby anymore" Lawrence is fine. She just started taking really long naps and I am so "stay at home mom" now which I think means I post more.

Over the last few months I have done a few little projects I thought I would share. I do feel like One Bad Mother when I nail stuff like this.

Chalk Alphabet Hop

Katy Belle and I were outside playing and she was pretty "roamy." You know, there was nothing she wanted to really do which meant she was going to start a ton of things and stick with them for 2 minutes. This makes me crazy but instead of saying "PICK IT" to a 2 year old (thats how old this project is) who rightly doesn't give to ships in the night what I feel like, I grabbed some chalk and started drawing.

I made a circle and in each one wrote a letter of the alphabet. I made a big circle of circles and said "hop."

She did and with each hop she named the letter and I felt like some sort of super genius!

The great thing is that this amused her for weeks. 

Note: I only used capital letters, but wish I had done lower case as well. 

I then stole a great Pintrest idea to make a little garden for her that she could do anything she wants in.

Secret Garden

I filled it with rocks and pots and let her plant a plant (which died minutes later it seems) and put a little gate around it. 

I was then feeling extra super momish and asked if she wanted a flag. Yes she did. 

No, that is not the number "10." That is clearly a donut over waves.

She has really loved it. 

Update on the garden. 3 months later I discovered some stray cat has started taking a crap in it. Charming. On the plus side, it has been so dry here the poop is easy to spot and the garden is generally no fun. Must remember to SERIOUSLY clean the garden before she gets interested again.

Finally....bean bags.

Man, I love them. These are super easy to make and a super cute gift! Of course Katy Belle never played with her bean bags but I did. They were a life saver when she was younger and I had to just sit in the room with her. I could grab them and toss them around...sort of like a stress ball....but filled with 

Ok, I have more to come plus an awesome project called "A WEEK WITH THE AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE" with Jordi. We are taking a photo of ourselves each day doing house-wifey things in a 60's/70's style.




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