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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It is the small things in life...

I came home on Monday from dropping Katy Belle off at preschool, ran in to grab the cat to take to the vet and out of the corner of my eye I see this:

I take a photo and text Stefan,

Me: What's this about?

Stefan: Nothing in particular. The Mom used to be standing -- I was picturing a boy trapped in ice scenario.

I drive to the vet, unpack the cat, cat gets a shot, pack the cat back up and drive home. I then start cleaning up the kitchen and open the cabinet under the sink to throw away some egg shells and see this.

There are not many people who read this blog that don't know me, so you know how I reacted to this.  

Yep. The boy in the ice was a clue...this is another clue...Stefan is trying to tell me something! I can't throw the egg shells in there! No wait, this is a joke...I'll take a photo and send it to Stefan and OH GOD! What if it is not a joke and he is being held prisoner and the last text was allowed because he had convinced his kidnappers I didn't know what was happening. STOP HITTING HIM YOU BASTARDS! If I text him this photo of his note for help, they'll kill him.

I went ahead and texted. You gotta take risks.

Me: And this? (photo above inserted)

Stefan: Ha! I was originally gonna have a note (next to ice boy) but then figured you would take it seriously. Didn't want to worry you.


Today I came back from dropping Katy Belle off at preschool and the grocery store and found this.

I hope Stefan never leaves me. 



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