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Friday, February 13, 2009

Guess Who Else Came to Disney World?

Murder Hands!

That's them on their favorite ride...Splash Mountain!

Here we go....over the big drop! Don't be nervous Murder Hands!

After that, its time for coffee! Murder Hands take their coffee like they take their victims...white and sweet.

Murder Hands! Dolphin statues don't drink coffee!

Now they are off to Animal Kingdom! Wow...that new roller coaster sure looks high!

What's this? Oh, you can soak people as they come down the rapid river ride!

Well THAT looks like fun!

Wait your turn Murder Hands!

Let's go to the petting zoo!!! Hmmmm...does anyone else think this might be a bad place for Murder Hands to go?

Check this sweet action out! Cave drawings!

This might be the first recording of Murder Hands, this dinosaur themed burger restaurant. Connect with your roots Murder Hands. Feel your history.

Back at the hotel arcade...anyone for hoops?

Who else, besides pregnant women, likes to get up at 6:30 am to go see Disney steam trains in 30 degree weather? Is it Murder Hands?

And...oh...oh...look at you murder hands! It's like you get irony!

Well, what a fun vacation with Murder Hands. I hope to see them on lots of other trips. Maybe you have some pictures of when Murder Hands went on a vacation with you! If so, let us know and we'll post them here!

xoxo, Biz

Thursday, February 12, 2009

For today's Disney World Recap...

I give you films.

During the countdown to Disney, the three of us did sort of an advent calendar style email exchange. Each day, one of us would find some sort of Disney related video and send it to the group. One of the best was this gem found Duh.

I hope you caught my favorite part about where "Daddy is going to spend most of his time."

Of course this became a running joke through out most of our trip, inspiring the following two videos. I will be the first to say that we missed a number of opportunities through out the trip to do more of these...but there you go.

Here we are checking into the hotel.

And here we are entering our room.

The only other video I got...and possibly the greatest moment captured during out whole trip, is this moment from the big finale of the Hoop Dee Doo Review. This is a dinner show in which you get served food in come the buckets!

Salad in a bucket...

ribs in a bucket...

chicken in a bucket...

Baz creating California out of cornbread...

...a big, big slab of cornbread. (That was for three of us...yikes)

The show was of the charming and cheezy outdoor theatre variety, and actually made me long for my days working at an outdoor theatre.

Anyway, toward the end of the show, several audience member were handed old-timey washboards to play along with the big song and guess who got a washboard?

oh yeah...this guy.

Please enjoy this video of Stefan and Baz getting there hoop dee doo on.

Ok...more tomorrow I promise. Try to sleep despite the anticipation.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Guess Who Went To Walt Disney World?

These guys!
Yes PPAers…after living vicariously through the Biz and Stefan vacations that are so often blogged about here, our good friend Baz just had to be part of one.

(Ok...this is one of the greatest pictures ever. Please note Stefan's bulbous head and Baz may be the best Luke ever.)

I am not saying that a three person, 9 day trip to Disney, being 4 months pregnant with your husband and good guy friend, all staying in the same room is weird or anything, but…wait for it comes...

Do you think this is weird?
(I present the 2nd greatest picture ever...silhouettes!)
I will get some more pictures up tomorrow but I just had to share these two highlights.
xoxo, Biz