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Monday, November 04, 2013

Our New House is Haunted

By the spirit of Halloween!

Which is way better than real ghosts...unless those ghosts were friendly and good at crime solving.

So here we are, year two in California and just 2 weeks post new house move in, no baby sitter for our 4 year old....oh and I am 35 weeks pregnant. Normal people might skip the whole "let's scare the neighbors" set know, just this once...but we actually committed to this in our wedding vows so what are you gonna do?

You are going cram your husband in a crate, label that crate "free candy," and sit on your porch with your 4 year old and remember why you love your family.

Oh and if you want a walk down memory lane, here is a link to last year's Halloween which links you to all of our Halloweens past. CLICK ME

Side note, what do you go as on Halloween when you are large with child and never take off your stretch pants? A mama cat covered in kittens. Katherine Belle is obviously "Sleeping Beauty Rapunzel Tiana." Obviously.

 We hit the neighborhood for trick or treating early and were very pleased with how great the street we live on turned out to be. Lots of decorations, one honest to god haunted house and good candy corn in sight.

While we were gone, Stefan was in the box on the porch. I am not sure what he was doing but when we walked back to the house we passed a you Buzz Lightyear who informed us to "watch out for that house! It's scary!" He said this with a big grin.

So this year we kept it simple. Stefan was in the crate labeled candy. I sat on the porch with Katherine Belle and when kids came up I said "Hi! Happy Halloween! We just moved into the house and found this box labeled candy but I am too pregnant to get it open and my daughter is too young to open it. Will you help us open it? I assume it if full of candy."

The whole time I am doing this, the box is bumping.

There is no question someone is in the box.

Every kid..."Sure!"

They reach for the box and Stefan pops the lid and hurls candy out at them. We had limited chances to capture this...imagine our neighbor is a 8 year old child.

Here are some real children. The kid in the vest actually brought back more kids later in the evening which is always a good sign.

What I love about this super simple set up is that even though it is TOTALLY obvious someone is going to scare you, everyone is still up for it and STILL jumps and screams. I'd prefer to not be at the edge of the stairs but we have good insurance....mwa ha haaaaa!

Here is a picture from inside the box.

So how did Katherine Belle do?


By the 3rd group to come trick or treating she would step up to the porch edge and say "Hi! Do you want to help open this spooky and mysterious box labeled candy? I am too little and she is to pregnant!"

Despite the added level of brutal honesty, kids still did it and still jumped!

She even wanted to be in the box and scare people plus she stayed on script. So proud.

Plus this means next year we are able to become a full family show!

We miss our Brooklyn haunts and friends. We still haven't quite found a group who wants to come sit all night and take amazing pictures, but we did get a few videos with the help of our neighbor Carol.

Please watch us do this to our real estate agent. for the scariest part of the evening. Around 8:30 our CSA guy dropped off our vegetable box.


Till next year!