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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So Long San Fran

What a great time. The MEAT ladies had a blast at the San Francisco Sketchfest this past weekend. We have been traveling quite a bit lately and I will admit, it was a bit disorienting at first, and the time zone action didn't help, but we were ready to rock by showtime.

Of course, the best thing to do in San Francisco in our opinion, is to check out Kasper Hauser, one of our favorite sketch groups in the country. We had the honor of sharing the same bill with them, along with Olde English (who I was happy to finally see live). I could go on and on about how smart and sharp we think Kasper Hauser's writing is, and throw in the fact that they are brilliant actors who commit to detail...dear lord, it makes us as happy as seeing the Golden Gate bridge.

Speaking of, John, from Kasper Hauser, was a real hero in spending his Sunday taking us around SF. We had the ultimate burrito in the Mission district and then we hung out in Kasper Hauser's office. If that weren't exciting enough (and it really was actually) he took us out to the Golden Gate bridge. It was incredibly awesome, and we drove up this hill/mountain, some sort of large land mass, that allowed us to overlook the bay and the bridge. It was really very cool.Too bad, I am a loser, who doesn't have a camera. Reggei had her disposable camera, so maybe I will see those pictures next month.

I am also super drained and tired so this is probably the least descriptive retelling of our trip, and maybe one of the other MEAT ladies will chime in and add some details.

We got to see several of the other groups who performed this weekend. I loved Fempyre, the feminist rock/folk duo. It was great to really hang out with Olde English (thanks for having our backs had we gotten in the fight with those birthday party attendees)...their film/sketch about the astronauts getting off the moon was GREAT! Boomtime...what can I say, I adore absurd and they were absurd. Plus they were totally awesome guys who I had a blast hanging out with at the after party. We also got to see the reunion of Totally False People, (who also put on the fest) and they were great.

Wow...I am so tired and out of it that this may be coming across as almost sad. Well hear me MEATBALLS, it wasn't sad, it was kickass.I am going to curl up under my desk at my work and take a nap. I am sure no one will mind.

Get out of me now, Biz

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Off to San Fran Sketchfest

Oh Well!

The MEAT ladies are off to the San Francisco sketchfest. We are super pumped.

You will have to live with out the diary for a few days, but just think of all that you have to look forward to!



Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dear Diary part 7 - The continuing saga of a girl named Elizabeth

OK, as I read more and more of my diary, I realize it gets a bit repetitive…”Oh well” and “I really like this list of guys who won’t ask me out” “nobody likes me, everybody hates me,” etc, etc. For today’s installment, I have decided to select two entries that I think are “fun!” weeeeee

One is me having a tantrum over “everyone liking Susan and not me” which is always charming. Who doesn’t like a girl who is always obsessed comparing her self worth to how people treat her friends rather than her. (Not a word Stefan…I am so not still like that.)

As an added bonus I scanned the entry so you can see my PSYCHO handwriting during this rant.

The second entry is another “Elizabeth waxes on about love” essay. I think the point I want you to get is that I was incredibly “deep” as a teenager. I am sure that is why I never dated. Sigh.

Note: OM stands for Olympics of The Mind. You got nothing on me mathaletes.

2/16/90 (10:30) (wow I put a time in on this one)
I can’t stand T’town. I hate it & myself. I mean I must be super ugly. I mean a grotesque bitch. I went to Julien’s party. Everyone pretty much didn’t want to be around me. And Susan, we all of a sudden set her up with Chris and everyone likes her. Unbelievable. I don’t understand. Why do I do this? I’m just going to die. Rosh apparently likes someone else. Of course, just like everyone. The only people who are interested in me are people I don’t like! AHG! It’s so unfair. I just want to die! Why can’t I ever attract a person I like? I don’t belong with these people. They don’t really like me. I don’t see why they hung around me to begin with. I can’t go back. I just want to go on to B’Ham.

I hate myself. I must be really ugly and a real bother. I need so much help!

Oh well, I did absolutely nothing this weekend. My car is broken. I went to OM. It was ok. I thin Charley is cool as all. I don’t see what it is that guys see in Laurie. Oh well. (I then draw an arrow to the other page) It’s much easier to write on this page. I’m so confused sometimes about love. Will my Mr. Right be someone I know now or will I meet him later? Do I know him and have a crush on him, maybe he doesn’t know I exist or maybe I don’t know about him. Why does he have to be my age? Maybe I was born too early and he’s like four years younger than me or maybe I was born too late and he’s 20 or 30. Ahg. If I missed him will there be another Mr. Right out there? Ahg

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I need that Seventeen and YM 1990 February horoscope to come true!

OK, this is a very special dairy entry. By very special, I mean, VERY PAINFUL. I am going to share Feb 6th (which actually is the next entry…I just didn’t write for a week) and then skip right to Feb, 14th…Valentines Day.

The 6th is a nice taste of classic Biz (why can’t I be loved, lots of “oh wells”) with foreshadowing to the 14th, which is the ultimate in teenage V’day horror stories.

The days in-between are the usual, “I need a boy to validate me” and the onslaught of the names of boys I like.

Good to know that at our school on V’day, we did the balloons, that you could pre order to be delivered to your sweetie on the 14th. It was a good fundraiser for the SGA and I was part of the team who delivered them. Red was for love, White is for friends and pink is for secret admirer.

I also use the word crapping in a weird way. Plus I misspell it.


Oh well. So far life’s ok. I was gonna ask Presley to see “The Byrds” at the Landing with me on Friday but we’d only get to see them from 9-10 and everyone’s parents (including his) would be there. Total sadness (insert sad face). I want to go out with someone so badly. I’m gonna die. Someone who’ll be sweet to me. Won’t make fun of me or hurt me. Just so I could have someone special on Valentine’s Day. He’d send me a balloon or something. (insert smiley face) I’d love it. Even if it was a freshman. Soph’s: Joe (taken), Rosh (taken), Jeffrey (?), Craig (taken), Marty (?), Chris H (?), Trent (?) I’m so confused! I need someone to sweep me off my feet. I need that Seventeen and YM 1990 February horoscope to come true! Maybe I could meet a junior like John Houge and go out with him. Pant pant. AHG! Everyone is craping me with “why don’t you ever call?” making me feel like I am blowing them off. Why is it me. Why is it not them blowing me off? Oh my phone is ringing off the hook. Oh well. Tough. I’m only doing stuff that makes me happy. Oh well.

Well all I can say is I feel like shit. The beginning of the day was super fun. Joe, Jeff, Rosh, Brian, Ram, and all the other guys picked up my car and moved it. Mary D and I decorated Joe’s car with stickers. 1st was fun. 2nd period too, delivering balloons. 3rd was fun too. After lunch Chris H. gave me a balloon saying it was for me. It was a secret admirer balloon. I was so happy. Really happy. I showed it to Mary, Emo, Suas, Alison, Chris A. Rosh, everyone! I was so happy, then I found out it was Emo just playing a joke. I wanted to cry so hard. I found out from Mary and Susan right after I had bounced all around Emo. I felt so stupid. All these people knew it was a joke and I was so happy. It hurts so bad. I’m not mad at Emo, just confused. Plus I really like Rosh. He called me Friday then Monday it was great, then Tuesday sucked and same today. He either thinks Susan and I are going to set him up or he thinks Susan is trying to set me up with him. I just want to go out with him so badly. I really do. I fucked it up probably. I showed him the stupid secret admirer balloon. I’m so stupid. No one likes me! Why not? I don’t understand that at all! Turns out Susan told Rosh I DIDN’T like him so he wouldn’t think that. GREAT! Oh well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New MEAT blog

Hey gang...don't forget to check out the new MEAT blog...which is mainly me trying to write something different from this blog. For example, this blog is a place for Diary's, whicl the MEAT blog is for blogs about The Equalizer.

xoxo, Biz

PS. Jordi will be back soonwith tales from down under!

Here we are, the continuing saga of 16 year old Biz, from Tuscaloosa, AL, who uses the expression “oh well” too much. If it is not obvious, I want to go on a date with a boy. ANY BOY. My self esteem depends on it. But Stefan pointed out that for being so unsure about myself, I was clearly very assertive with the fellas…i.e. asking them out. Hrmmmmm.

Ah, background on “BEAUTY WALK

The Beauty Walk was our high school’s version of a beauty pageant. There was only one public school system in T’Town, so each grade level when you hit high school, has like 1000 kids in it….and every girl from 9th and 10th grade had to be in the beauty walk (11th and 12th grade were in a different school...again, too many kids to have in one school). Basically you would have about 300 contestants, and as that is too many girls to do a beauty pageant with, it was just a walk. Each girl walked once around the stage with their number pinned to their dress, very cattle call style. Then 10 girls were picked, then the “queen.” Wow. Everybody feeling good about themselves?

Well today was fun. I flirted around with a lot of guys and told some people about moving. In SGA, Craig came up and stuck his head over my shoulder and was resting on me. I could have died. I’ve chosen him as my main goal. I went to the beauty Walk tonight and messed around. Rosh said the sweetest thing to me. He’s the best. I saw some girl (freshman) come out. I said oh my gosh, I might possibly look like her when I am 23! And he just looked at me like what? So I rambled on like “just wait, I’ll come back from B’ham and you guys will say whao she looks great who is that! Rosh said “we already say that the only difference is we know who you are.” I DIED. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. HE’S THE BEST. I’VE GOT TO GO OUT WITH HIM AT LEAST ONCE! I know tomorrow is Friday but I really want a date for Saturday, a real date. Oh well.

I’m so depressed. I need so badly a guy to go out with. I’ll even take a freshman. I really like Craig a lot. Friday he was running around saying “all right, Elizabeth’s moving!” etc. I know he was playing with me but it still hurt my feelings.

Why is it guys don’t ask me out? It’s driving me crazy! At camp lots of guys like me. Why not here? I’m probably going up to B’ham this weekend. Watch me be asked out. Cathy’s coming too. I’m excited about seeing her.

My gosh, can I have a day where I receive every signal correctly and interpret everything right? Where I don’t walk away and end up writing at night about how I am so confused? AGH! Today I flirted with everyone, but why don’t I get a date? It seems like guys are interested in me. Like I came in late to 1st, Joe and Rosh asked me where I was. ALL day Craig and I got along great. Rosh and I even made plans to go fishing Sat afternoon. I’m not sure how concrete they are. Oh well. I really want to though. If he wants to take Elizabeth Standard then I’m going to take Craig. I will invite him. I really want to move to B’ham so badly. I can’t wait. Oh well. Chow.

Chow. Wow. I guess I meant Ciao. I was so international.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dear Diary Part 5

OK…it’s been a while since my diary….but good news, I scanned in a picture of me from the time this was written. Bask in the glory.

Wow...and I couldn't get a date? Nice glasses Annie Potts.

I believe we left off with my dad possibly taking a job in Birmingham, me being excited to move out of Tuscaloosa, me desperately wanting a boy to “like” me, and more importantly “grub with” me.

I have selected three fine entries that I think show that despite how “popular” it may sound like I am, I am not. I am sad and lonely and though boys talk to me, I believe it was because I was a “good friend.”

A few things:

We are starting to see the early stages of issues that follow me through my adult life in therapy…ha ha ha.

I am refraining from commenting on my self, particularly in the January 24th entry. “Social Status?” Jesus. Ok, there is one "sigh" added in that I couldn't help myself form doing.

Anyway, enjoy these PAINFUL entries.


My gosh! I am in the weirdest mood. I was at lunch today and I felt left out so I just sat there and acted like I was involved in my math. I didn’t say a word. All I could think about doing was moving. Even though I couldn’t tell anyone I just felt awful. Thinking about all the people who I’ve grown up with and such. Rosh looked over and said “wow, what’s wrong? Something must be wrong cause you’re so quiet.” GOD! Why is it so amazing that I don’t always talk? Whenever I do talk it doesn’t all come out clearly and I end up stuttering and I come across as an airhead. Or I’ll be talking and people won’t understand so they just pretend to listen or everyone will want me to shut up cause its not important. When I am finally quiet all I get is, why aren’t your talking? Something must be wrong! Ahg! I HATE IT!!! I really (before I move) want to go on a real date with at least 2 of the people I have a crush on. I want to experience romance before I leave. Have the guy come over or pull me aside, (as long as it’s alone and private) and ask me out. To already have plans made, (not including thousands of people for the entire night.) To call and confirm it. To come pick me up (or I’ll drive) and then when we were out he’d be by me the whole time. To go out to a park at night and look at stars by the lake. How wonderful. Someone who’ll just hold me in his arms for awhile. I really want to go out with someone this weekend. Tomorrow my dad releases his plans to take the job in B’ham (I hope he chooses to) so I can tell people that this is the last year we’ll spend together. There’s a freshmen, I am not sure of his name, but he is adorable.


Well it’s official. My dad has taken the job with UAB so I’ll be moving in 4 months. It’s really weird. Renee was excited and so am I but I am leaving all these people. It took me a lot to get back up the “social status” I’m in now. My big plan was to go out with all the guys I’ve ever had a crush on but hey! Wake up! So I am going to choose one (sigh..look at me, choose? So painful.) and go for him. If I succeed then maybe I’ll try again later. But I really need a date. Some acknowledgement that people think I’m attractive. If just one of the people I’m interested in would ask me out then maybe others would say hey! She’s not that bad. I hope there’s a party this weekend. Josh isn’t helping at all with guys for me. I’m getting sick of it. I’ve all of a sudden gotten depressed. BANG! Maybe Ram can help. We had that great talk in the car Tuesday. Hey, I’m gonna just go up and start talking to these guys. Why not? I can always plea I was being friendly.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Duran DurFAN

So Saturday night, my friend Julie from Alabama (who was visiting) and my good pal Livia from Livialand went to see the Shark Show (sadly a comedy show, not a show performed by actual sharks...though it was funny) and afterward we were hanging out at the bar. Now this bar is three stories, bathrooms on the bottom floor, restaurant and bar on the ground floor and the comedy club upstairs and small party room / bar upstairs. So we are hanging on the ground floor at the bar, I go down to the bathroom...this girl comes out and says "You must be here fro the Duran Duran party too!"

While I was wearing a ripped, off the shoulder sweatshirt ala flashdance, I was not there for the Duran Duran party. So I said sorry, not me, but what are you talking about.

"We are all part of the Duran message board and we are all here having a party and meeting in person for the 1st time! Some people have been on the board for years, talking, being really great friends, but have never met face to face and now we are!"


apparently they were all upstairs in the private room. Women and a few men, from all over congregating via the Duran Duran loveway at this bar at this moment! I LOVE SHIT LIKE THIS! I really do.

This girl talked to us for 20 minutes about how much fun this was. There were women in full prom dresses from the 80's, some young, some old, some disabled...all rocking to the Duran.

JORDI! Where were you! Jordi is a huge Duran Duran fan. You would have loved this.

Not much to this post, except I sometimes love people more than I hate them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CHICAGO Second Weekend

Exhausted and Happy.

I'm literally very short on time....

We (the 3rd Floor) arrived on a crispy sunny Thursday, checked into our beloved Days Inn and played dice until it was time to go check out some groups; we saw really good shows by The Back Row, Sketchcore and Keaton and Lewis before going across the street for some karaoke with The always hospitable Cupid Players. My sinus infection was finally gone just as some of our guys were getting the first signs of colds, which they were able to knock out with a hefty supply of Airborne.

Friday (snow & rain) we saw a tight show from The Habit (with a long-lost returning cast member) and saw the best video intro to a show I've ever seen and will probably ever see. At ten, we got our TROOP on and filled in a few tiny parts for their show as Brit and Steve could'nt make this one - and we had a blast. If TROOP needed a blood transfusion - they could get it from us for sure, if they didn't feel weird about our bloods all touching. We would do anything for TROOP in a second! They were mighty. We did ours at eleven, had a good set, had FUN and caught the Sketchfest Documentary from last year. Drinks in the lobby, after hours dice at out hotel and delicious Chicago snacks, sleep.

I'm so, so short on time so I'll have to spit out the last part like this:

Saturday (crisp and blue again), Animal Club's show (awesome!), Dark Eyed Strangers show (inspiring - I can watch Brandon Campbell do slow-mo anything for hours), Slow Children at Play (made me cry of laughter - they're so good), TROOP! (always wonderful) and us (wheee!), Sketch-U-Bator (my favorite part of the festival), drinks (lobby), Ruth from Animal Club takes 15 sketch comics on the 'L' train and leads us to Baz' for an after hours and then (around dawn) these 15 people go watch the sunrise on Lake Michigan and play on swings...we all walk to Dunkin' Donuts and it's bliss all around.

I didn't have the words (or time) to describe the last bit - but THANKS to Baz, Ruth, Mike, Shane and Tom from Animal Club...I'll never, ever forget it!

And now I have to go to Australia.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jordi's lover - sorry Ted...don't mess with this guy

knife link (requires real player):

(A special thanks to Baz for helping me get this linked up.)

solely for sketchfest geeks who are in a closet

Ok...this is for all you people who:

A. go to sketchfests
B. Are familiar with and have witnessed R. Kelly's masterpiece "Trapped In the Closet."
C. Know, Kevin from TROOP!

This is totally an inside thing, and to be honest, that is ok, since there are only about 10 of you who read this blog and you ARE the people who A through C apply to.

May I present, from TROOP!, Kevin Chesley's Chapter 13 of Trapped in the Closet.

"Shh, shh, quiet - Hurry up and get to the Sketchfest first weekend
"Boss said, "Kevin you can't go You got to work, bitch!"
I said, "Why don't I just go out the window?"
"Yes, except for one thing, we on the 5th floor"
"Shit,Think,Shit, think,Shit, quick, get me to the Sketchfest first weekend"
And now I'm in this dark ass closet at work,
tryin' to figure out Just how I'm gonna get my crazy ass up out this house To Sketchfest first weekend...with this miiiiiidget!!!!

Gah! I think I just found a beer bottle in my hair

It's 9:26 on Monday morning, I am back at my desk, in my corporate office, REEKING of Chicago Sketchfest...cause I haven't showered yet mother fuckers!


Wow wow wowee wow wow. What a blast. I adore Chicago. MEAT had a great time.

I don't know where to begin.

Champagne, can you help me remember all that went on?

"Sure Biz! heeeeeeeeeeee! First off, the Cupid Players and the rest of the Sketchfest staff f'ing rocked! Second, I got laid like a champ by the slutty ass unicorn. Heeeeeeeeee! Third, the Animal Club was freaking the bomb as they let us crash at their place. You probably don't remember Biz, but you guys trashed that place. Jerks. I hope you rot Biz. Heeeeeeeeeee!"

Wow Champagne. I forgot what an asshole you are.

Yes, thank you Animal Club. It was so nice of you to let us crash there. Friday night was the viewing of R Kelly's in the Closet...What should now be considered the definitive sketch comedy writing tool. Saturday was the after after party that stared at 5am. Smells like sketchfest. I totally got to sign Baz's high school year book. I signed the crack. BWA HA HA! Do you understand now why I am a comedy genius?

PS. Baz? MEAT totally has a crush on you. If we had a clubhouse, your picture would be on the wall like a Tiger Beat poster.

I hate that we had to miss Cupid, Karla and Triplett this year due to scheduling. But come on...lets hear it for the ladies...Saturday night, closing the 1st weekend of the fest, by three all female groups. Rock on sisters! I heard that Triplett did my favorite sketch, the Trix sketch and added a whole dance finale to it. I hate a missed it.

I finally got to see Superpunk's whole show. I loved it. What a great combo of smart writing, high concept, and physical comedy. I loved the Benny Hill sketch and the "You'll never escape. NEVER!" sketch. There is no way for me to describe either of these.

OH GOD! I saw Ten West. They are one of my favorite groups and two of ther greatest guys. They had some new sketches that were amazing. Inparticular, Jon, performed a new piece, involving Barbie dolls, wrecked love affairs and suiced, all set to Johnny Cash's "Hurt." I can't handle it. It was so funny and moving and dark. Livia described seeing them like being a 16 year old girl in the 60's and seeing Bob Dylan. Thats how we feel seeing those guys.

I, and the other ladies, were thrilled to be back in Chicago with Elephant Larry. I love those guys. LOVE THEM! They do such awesome work. I have seen some of their sketches A LOT, and still find myself laughing my ass off. They had completely sold out shows and I over heard just about everyone buzzing about them. KUDOS Elephant Larry!

There was this super sluttly Unicorn lurking about. I can't even begin to repeat what that slutty unicorn told me, but I will say that I didn't know unicorns liked to suck...I can't even say it!

Baz...If you got a picture of that slutty unicorn, send it to me. I think it lives behind your couch.


Wow...Wait till you guys see this.

I will also take any pictures that may have been taken over the fest weekend.

What else? We met lots of new peeps this year. There was a lot of red bull. The festival was packed. Hooray for Brian and Jill and the sketchfest gang on doing so awesome.

If you are in Chicago next week you MUST go the festival and see The Animal Club, TROOP!, The Harvard Sailing Team, The Defiant Thomas Brothers, Cupid Players, The Habit and PrincessPonyPartyAmazing's own Jordi and the 3rd Floor. All of these groups I have seen and can attest to the fact that they are incredible and inspiring.

Now, for a little horn tooting....,1,4581763.story?coll=chi-leisuretempo-hed

Best Performers: Sporting their trademark bloodied aprons, the all-female New York-based "Meat" combine subtlety with clever writing, intense acting and a palpable vulnerability. Highlights of their new show include a tribute to Velvet Scrunchy, the only a cappella punk band in the world, and a hysterical musical look at the angst that goes into burning a mix-CD -- "some Muppets so he'll think I'm sweet" -- for a potential lover.

Shut up Biz! You are such a braggart. No one cares about your little sketch comedy world. Now get back to work and fax me a coffee! heeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

So Excited! So Sick!

Just reading about Biz waiting to leave work to embark on a sketch weekend with people you can't wait to see made me feel giddy - it's a feeling I look forward to around four or five times a year, and since making friends in the Sketch Community - I feel like I've filled a missing piece in my life. It's corny as hell, but so true.

I can't wait for Thursday when our group (The 3rd Floor) leaves for beautiful & sexy Chicago. I just hope that this 16th century flu I have goes away. Seriously - it's day three or four and it's not budging. We've been having rehearsals at our place (hi Ted) and I'm hoping that I haven't infected the rest of the cast. Tomorrow I'll wear a hazmat suit.

But for now...I'l tell you what just made me cry. I'm at home nursing this plague. Ted went out for various birthday & catching up fun times, and I'm feeling cozy and content with dog, Typhoon. I still can't really breathe and my head is pounding, but I can fall in and out of sleep without an alarm or something I have to do staring at me. All is fine except the illing.

I was flipping channels and stopped on cable access where an elementary school production of "The Wizard of Oz" was just in the thick of Dorothy having to say goodbye to her friends. I immediately started bawling. I cried as she said "I'll miss you most of all" to Scarecrow (not Batman's nemesis Scarecrow) and I cried all through the curtain calls - but what made Typhoon not take it anymore and leave the room was when the whole cast sang "Over The Rainbow" and signed it for the deaf.

Then I searched for the blue Tylenol flu concoction to see when I could take another dose....went on a site dedicated to hating Rachael Ray (the 30 Minute Meal queen...I can't decide whether I mildly like her or severely hate her. I seriously can't decide). Then I came here.

And right now it's 11:00 in Chicago!


On the other stages TRIPLETTE is going to rock their house (hopefully with their brilliant Trix sketch among others) and KARLA (the Kevin Chesley of TROOP! fame's directed show) will rock theirs.

Three minutes to go and all the stages are going to be hit with some seriously fantastic troupes.

Hold on Chicago.
NOW IT'S 8:00!
Go get 'em Tigers.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Chicago Sketchfest...hangover #1

It's 9:30 am in is my way, I can't sleep late and I am up while the other ladies slumber.

I went to bed less than 5 hours ago.

Livia, Reggan and myself landed around 8:30pm and headed off to the rental car area to grab the car and get on the road to try and squeeze in at least one show at Chicago Sketchfest....Animal Club. Thanks to me flaking out on who I rented from...I'll give you two hints, 1. It was NOT Budget. 2. It was the totaly ghetto branch of Dollar.....and then being given (after 20 minutes) the wrong directions, we made it to theatre at 10:30. sigh. We missed the show. BOOOOOOO!

But Walked right in and saw Brian, Jill and Mandi and got all pumped to be there and had our "sketchfest giddieness verified."

We fournd Mike from AC, and instead of being smart little MEATballs, went out for beers....and karaoke. DUH!

As always, the Joey's Thursday night karaoke, fest kick off was great. I had the "god, i know that person...they are in a sketch group (good guess Biz), WHO ARE THEY!?" moment most of the night. I met a ton of new folks. I got to hang out with the Commedia del Principessa (sp?) ladies who were awesome. I hate that we missed their show.

Then off to our lovely host's (The Animal Club) home and spent the next 3 hours staying up talking and laughing and drinking.

A few things:

Their apartment rocks. It's huge. My first three NYC apartments could fit inside here.

Their props are WAY more organized than MEAT's.

They have Garfield sheets. (jealous?)

It is totally a sketch apartment, and much like Ted and Jordi's out in Portland, it is full of props, weird shit and good vibes. YAY!

There is no question that most of us sketch people, LIVE for festival weekends. It is camp for us. All of a sudden the mundane, boring day jobs leave our thoughts and we spaz out and nobody looks at you funny because they are spazzing out too.

So my head hurts, I am ready for coffee and food, and I am even more ready to get back to the theatre to drown myself in sketch.

I miss you jordi!. Oh...apparently people READ this blog. wow. Who knew? So Jordi, now we HAVE to be better at keeping this thing up.

Ok, I am off to find my advil.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Off to Chicago Sketchfest

Well lovers of sketch comedy....I am off to Chicago Sketchfest along with the other MEAT ladies. We are pumped! I will be blogging to you about the first weekend and Jordi, from th eamazing 3rd Floor, will be blogging about the 2nd weekend.

More than likely though, neither of us will do this because we are bad let me predict that people will make out, someone will lose an imporatnt prop, and there will be the end of the weekend...cause I always cry.